Are you seeking a writer, editor, or researcher?

Perhaps you are an understaffed nonprofit in need of a writer who can translate dense research into a reader-friendly public awareness newsletter? Maybe you are an academic preparing an essay for journal submission or a Ph.D. candidate in need of a dissertation editor knowledgeable of the requirements of MLA, APA, or Chicago formatting? A lawyer looking for help with Bluebook citation? A “small” business attempting to upgrade your website? A speaker preparing a slide presentation? A self-published writer who could use a research assistant, editor, or assistance formatting your ebook(s)?

No one can be expected to do it all, and the demands of the digital age are asking us to be tech-savvy and knowledgable of specialized approaches to web content writing and marketing. Many businesses, nonprofits, and students operate in a sort of limbo between “old world” practices and “new world” technologies.

While there are exciting advantages to progressive modes of research, advertising, presentation, archiving, and learning there is frequently a simultaneous sense of “blocks” toward the effort and savvy required to begin approaching the incorporation of new strategies.

Such demands require delegation and prioritization.

That’s where I come in.

I’m Melanie Demmer, a modern scribe and a contemporary scrivener i.e. a writer, researcher, and editor for hire.

In addition to being an established writer for internet audiences, I’m a former English teacher and academic coach with a graduate degree and the ability to synthesize, condense, and present advanced research with traditional, professional attention to detail and knowledge of current trends in digital communications. With a background in retail & customer service also, my job is to put my years of written communications experience & reading analysis training to work for you as an extension of your business plan or personal creative endeavors.

The Services page and Contact form are great places to start. Or, read more on my blog.