Require Writing?…or an Editor?

It may sound archaic to request a scribe or scrivener these days, but the roles associated with such titles are as important in contemporary as they have been throughout the centuries.

The demands for writing in the digital age are asking us to be tech-savvy and knowledgable of specialized approaches to web content writing and marketing. There is much fretting over search engine optimization these days in addition to how many social media posts are required per week and how many words to a blog post?

The pressures for quantity sometimes comes at the cost of quality content. It’s not always more writing that’s required–sometimes it’s improved quality.

And with busy lives and businesses–many business owners find they aren’t able to keep up by themselves and search for ways to delegate and prioritize.

Does your business or nonprofit require specialized content, but you can’t hire a staff writer or editorial team?

Do you need an assessment of your pre-publication manuscript?

That’s where I come in.

I’m Melanie Demmer, a modern scribe and a contemporary scrivener i.e. a writer, researcher, and editor for hire.

In addition to being an established writer for internet audiences, I’m a former English teacher and academic coach with an advanced degree. Experience working in retail & as an entrepreneur has offered a combination of preparation and training means I have the ability to synthesize, condense, and present advanced research or sales copy to varied audiences with old-school attention to detail and knowledge of current trends in web content writing & social media. My job is to put my years of written communications experience & reading analysis training to work for you as an extension of your business plan or personal creative endeavors.

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