Let’s talk about writing. When do we write?

This is not a trick question.

Since the days of cave art and hieroglyphs, humans have been compelled to write from divine inspiration, creative impulse, and/or the necessary and sometimes mundane task of record keeping. We often write to inform, instruct, contemplate, and communicate. Most of us are required to write throughout our daily lives.

We write when writing is required…and sometimes when it isn’t.

The demands for writing in the digital age are asking us to be tech-savvy and knowledgable of specialized approaches to web content writing and marketing (fretting over search engine optimization? How many social media posts are required per week? How many words to a blog post?). But our lives are busy and, hopefully, so are our businesses.

Where do we find the time to write blog posts, compose marketing email, brainstorm newsletter content, and research keywords? Then we rewrite, revise, edit, and proofread.

Many business owners find they aren’t able to keep up by themselves and search for ways to delegate and prioritize.

That’s where I come in.

I’m Melanie Demmer. It’s my job to put my years of writing communications experience to work for you as an extension of your business.

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